Working Smarter not Harder!

When I get involved in new initiatives I usually try to see if I can “work smarter not harder”. Similarly now that we are looking at adding another strand to our communications strategy namely starting a blog, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could try to implement this new writing task in a smart way.

Very recently we were given the opportunity to write short articles for a monthly e-newsletter. So I decided to trial out writing the e-newsletter article and then using that material (similar audience) for a blog post. This is exactly what I did for my recent post “Is your on-line reputation working FOR or Against You?”.   In addition I then posted a link to the blog on my Social Media TEST Page on Facebook, as I would do if this was a live project. I was delighted to be able to get through the mechanics of that process.

What I have learnt is that writing the articles ‘off-line’ and then pasting them into WordPress is definitely the way forward. I have just lost several blocks of text even though I was regularly  “saving” the drafts!

Would love to hear your comments on my blog postings so if you have a minute, please jot a comment into the box below!

This blog expresses my own personal views and not those of the university I work for.

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