Getting to Grips with Building our Social Media Presence

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out some of the ideas I have learnt in my social media training course.  So what have I achieved?

Starting to draft a policy and strategy

My colleague and I met to start drafting up our communications strategy and policy. Social media will be a sub-section of that policy. We have planned an “Away Day” with our team to look at new developments and we will be using our draft communications strategy documents as a basis for discussion during that “Away Day”.

We have already given a 5 minute presentation to our department about what we have learnt about social media. During the presentation we highlighted the importance of having a social media policy and also the need for developing a clear identity on-line. Part of our “Away Day” will be agreeing on the identity we want to have. My colleague and I already have some ideas about this identity but we need to make sure that we agree the identity as team. We will then add the identity “details” to our policy. 

My colleague and I have already thought about how we can monitor the implementation of the identity and we thought we might start by drafting Tweets, Blogs and FB posts in a folder on our shared drive and have a review process for the first couple of months, where social media “input” was circulated for review to 2 or 3 in the team, before it was made “live”. In fact I first drafted this blog entry in a Word document and then once I was happy with the text, pasted it into WordPress.   We may find this is “over-kill” in practice but we want to make sure we have a sound and safe way of ensuring the identity once established is consistent no matter whom the “writer” is.

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