Is your on-line reputation working FOR or AGAINST you?

Never put anything on-line you would not want printed on the front page of a newspaper. Think before you hit that ENTER key on your computer or phone. Once it is on-line, it really is there forever

Social Media is everywhere! Make sure that it helps rather than hinders you in your job search.  What are the pros and cons of social media and how does it affect you? Here are our top 5 tips for harnessing social media in your job search whether the job you are looking for is part-time to go along side your studies (to build up your experience), free-lance or graduate level.

Be careful about who you add into your networks –  (Facebook or Linked-in). We all tend to judge people by who they are associated with. Make sure that you build your network with reputable members.  

 Be aware of your on-line reputation – Would you be happy for an employer to login now to your Facebook page and see ALL of your information? Even some of those photos taken at that recent party?  Take a look at this film link from CareerPlayer to get some tips on social media and job hunting.

Join Linked-In – Have you heard of Linked-In ( Linked-In is a (free) professional social media network. It is being used more by private sector employers these days to advertise vacancies as they are trying to cut back on the cost of advertising via newspapers and agencies.

Set up a Twitter account and start to follow companies you are interested in working for. You can also get information about jobs on Twitter. Pick up some tips from this link.  If you use Twitter on your PC/Laptop, it will not cost you anything.

Visit the Social Media and Networking page on the Teesside University careers website to get lots more tips.

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