Some thoughts about writing for the web

Having read Steve Thompson’s document on ‘Writing for the Web’ I now have a good understanding of tips and pitfalls in web writing. What I need to do is to keep things ‘short and sweet’! This will be a challenge for me, but one I am willing to embrace!

I can see how formatting and adding headings and bullets can help the reader to scan the document if they are in a rush.

Some tips for good web writing

1. “Begin with end in mind” – so be clear from the outset about the purpose of the blog post.

2. Be very clear about your audience.

2. Keep it short.

3. Use headings and good formatting.

I came across a very good blog post during the week which I think I will us as a template. It is written by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Hunch and Flickr. Take a look here and see what you think! It is a very interesting piece also.

I would love to hear your comments on Caterina’s blog entry, so if you have a minute please drop me a line here.

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